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About Us

When it started

The idea of live analytics of stocks was intiated in 2015 with an aim to give anlysis on all stocks in one website,unlike other websites which gives limited number of calls.Since most of the traders incur losses,we tried to figure out exact reason why all the traders make only losses but not regular profits.we found out that the main reason is charts/graphs and other predictive indicators,which most of the times can't be assesed when market trend changes suddenly.All the technical analysts and market experts give their calls based on charts/graphs.Then we thought is there any other way to find out other than charts?..yes,we have found a simple solution and that is the "trend changing rate" method...every stock and index finds a point or rate at which it changes or reverses its direction of movement..we have come to a conclusion that markets are not here to move according to graphs or charts or what a analyst thinks buy charts are formimg as per market movements.asmmoney.com provides most accurate live automated entry,exit,stoploss levels based on a simple rule"go with the market but not against"

Advantage of our site

Asmmoney.com makes a trader completely independant from graphs and analysts and helps him to take a stand and follow the market and not to go against it.

What benefit a trader get

Unlike other market analysis and calls providers,asmmoney.com uses its unique predictive analytics to find the trends of all stocks automatically and list out the buy/sell calls to the traders in one screen.we also give very important fno data like total no of calls/puts,last 3 days price,last 3 days delivery%,strikeprices with maximum open interest(both CE&PE) etc for all the companies in addition to sureshot buys,sureshot shorts which are very helpful especially in expiry week.

Our Final Aim

To make traders to have their own study of stocks and invest with clear mind rather than following others words blindly.and finally our exclusive autotrader which is designed to help not only regular traders but also beginner traders,housewives,students coming home for vacations to takeup trading as a hobby and earn their own income.

We Offer Services

we offer the following services for traders. we give autolive buy-short signals ith out charts & our charges are:


Monthly charges for 150 equities + futures + index options,commodities (adding shortly) are Rs 3000/-per month


Quarterly charges for 150 equities + futures + index options,commodities(adding commodities shortly) are Rs 8000/-for quarterly

Half yearly

Halfyearly charges for 150 equities + futures + index options,commodities are Rs 16000/-for half-yearly


Yearly charges for 150 equities + futures + index options,commodities are Rs 29000/-for yearly

we charge only Rs1/- per scrip per day. As we are giving 150 scrips+nifty futures+banknifty(niftybank) futures+commodities(adding shortly),we are charging around Rs150/- per day which many institutions/brokers are charging per lot of options as a brokerage

PAYMENTS : All the payments may be made through cheque/cash.there will be no extra charges for cash deposit